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Ruffaford Joins The Eagle2020 Campaign

Meet the newest Eagle2020 Campaign member “Ruffaford,” a Senior Blue Dog Democrat. We are excited to have him emBARK on his new journey with us. In his new role, Ruffaford is responsible for meeting & greeting voters. His main focus is to visit all of our communities, bringing awareness to the issues we face here in District 4. Ruffaford is a local, but he hasn’t sniffed out everyone yet, so he desires to meet you, your family and friends, (and see all corners of the awesome district 4.) For him it is almost overPAWering to think about. Ruffaford’s locations soon shall be posted on this page.

Follow to learn where the next “Ruffaford’s Day Out” shall be. Ruffaford is anxious to learn all the issues that we face in District 4 and understand the views the great citizens of the District wish to share with him. Before joining the campaign, Ruffaford lived at The Jacksonville Humane SocietyThis is where he found us. The Jacksonville Humane Society informed us that he was a homeless stray up for adoption (after many failed attempts to reach his prior Butler.) One of our campaign supporters paid his bail; giving Ruffaford his freedom from the pen. Join Ruffaford on his magnificent adventures through the most influential district in the Sunshine State.

*Dogclaimer – Ruffaford: is a canine, an old dog, he doesn’t do tricks, he loves treats but please do not feed him, he earns his keep (15 bones a day,) fed only the finest quality kibble, requires 15 belly rubs on the hour, and even more head scratches. Please do not be offended that he is better cared for than most humans. Our intent is that his treatment will influence others in the community to respect each other a kibble bit better.

The Committee to Elect Christopher Eagle
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