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100% Truth About The 3%

I do not support any form of Hate and I denounce “White supremacy” or any form of discrimination. The spirit of the posting was meant to symbolize two different views on Gun Safety. My campaign agreed to post both pictures and I’m not going to go back on my agreement. Their website states that they are not anti-government, militia, or racists. They state that the hand signal represents the 3% and nothing else. The 1st Amendment gives The Three Percenters & Mom’s Demand Action the right to share their beliefs about the 2nd Amendment.

As your United States House Representative my role is to create and pass legislation that benefits you the citizens of District 4. The only way to effectively represent is to first know the concerns and issues of all the people. You only need to look at how Congressmen Rutherford performs his role to see what a poor communicator looks like doing the job. When he does communicate, he usually picks comfortable forums with only citizens aligned to his views.

I need diversity of thought and open communication with all citizens to accurately represent us in Washington. We can never bring people together if we are not even willing to respect & listen. My campaign is working everyday to Bring America Together.


The Committee to Elect Christopher Eagle
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